MA Primary Vote Thur Sept 6th

This coming Thursday is the MA primary for both the Republican and Democrat tickets.  On the ballots we will mostly find candidates for national office in DC as the vast majority of Democrats at the state level in MA are running unopposed.  That in itself is a shame if not a total sham.  One party domination has killed the Commonwealth to the point of driving away so many businesses along with population we lost a seat in DC.  Yes indeed we are down to nine seats. (note some say that we should actually be down to 8 right now but that’s another blog) So what’s a voter to do?

Well first and foremost we need to return to “keep it simple stupid” in DC. Enough of this progressive experimentation’s.  Enough of giving everything away to those that don’t work for it.  Enough of taxing the middle classed into the ground only to spend our money on BS. Enough spending! Enuf said.

So how do we get balance?  Simple.  We elect representatives that will fight for balance.  Sean Bielat is one of those people.  The Republican candidate for the 4th MA Congressional seat the Barney Frank retired from.  The 4th congressional was once an absolute geographic mess.  With the loss of a seat and some realignment (honest realignment) the new district is somewhat balanced.  Not perfect by any means but hey we are talking MA here. Sean ran against Barney two years ago and gave the tenured congressman the closest run for his money he every had.  Sean is running again but first he has to beat back the challenge of Lizzy Childs a so called Republican challenger.  I say so called because the last time she ran for a seat she was a Democrat.  Seems ol’ Lizzy is an opportunist when it comes to politics.  Which ever way the wind blows she follows.

So first we need to ensure that Sean receives the vote this Thursday. So please get out and vote for Sean.

Go Sean!

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