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Calling for rights

A bill we can all get behind H3011

Decades ago I had the privilege of working with other rights warriors and help get the MA Rider Education Program started here in the Commonwealth. Soon after we lobbied and won to have an education module about Motorcycle Awareness added to the MA Driver Education programs given in the state. Given the MREP was so new we requested the content for the Driver’s Ed be based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) which riders education programs are based on.

Flash forward to today. Now we have decades of trained riders … [Keep on reading]

The Attacks on the Free Continue

Just when you thought the great folks on Bacon Hill here in MA would have better things to do one wakes up to see the hard cold facts. No matter who it is they simply do not give a rats ass about freedom any longer. H4121 was filed and put on the Fast Track because the so called leader of the house “wants this legislation” to be in place before the end of the year.

So what is the big deal?  Well it is simple. This bill is against the … [Keep on reading]

Will Voters in MA Ever Learn or Care Even?

Well here we are in 2014 and just received the first of what I assume are several solicitations for my money. Guess it is now official; the election year is upon us and the race is on! What will happen here in the Commonwealth this time? Umm let’s think about that for a moment…… I know why don’t we elect another far left progressive to pick up and continue where current governor Deval Patrick will leave off! Well duh! What old saying do I continue to repeat over & over: … [Keep on reading]

Just Another Progressive Day In MA

The Place: “Bacon Hill”  The Scene: “How do we squeeze more money out of the little people?” The Solution: “The Tech Tax”

Oh but wait! That didn’t last long now did it?  So have you heard the latest from out Progressive elected representatives that scurry around the state house?  Seems the bloated Commonwealth budget numbers were not being covered by current taxes so what is a spender supposed to do? Add a new tax of course. So our good old governor Patrick came up with the Tech Tax!

Hey Progressive political policies … [Keep on reading]

MA Primary Vote Thur Sept 6th

This coming Thursday is the MA primary for both the Republican and Democrat tickets.  On the ballots we will mostly find candidates for national office in DC as the vast majority of Democrats at the state level in MA are running unopposed.  That in itself is a shame if not a total sham.  One party domination has killed the Commonwealth to the point of driving away so many businesses along with population we lost a seat in DC.  Yes indeed we are down to nine seats. (note some say that … [Keep on reading]

Vote Sept 6th 2012 MA Primary

The MA primary is rapidly approaching. Please get out and vote for Sean Bielat for the 4th Congressional seat he is running for.  If you would like to learn more about Sean please visit his website

Freedom isn’t free. Sean is a businessman, husband of two great children, and a Marine.  He knows what we need to fix the problems in DC and he is up to the challenge.… [Keep on reading]

DNC Out of Control

What is wrong with the Democrat party?  Sure is not the one my parents knew or I grew up with as a kid.  Two key battles here in MA for the 4th congressional district and for the senate seat Scott Brown holds and what does the national DNC do?  Basically take away the right to vote the citizens of the Bay State have.

Look right out I can tell you I am supporting Scott Brown’s reelection and happy to support Sean Bielat for the fourth congressional race. Yep both republican … [Keep on reading]

The Time Is NOW!

Okay political activists the time is NOW!  The time is here to get off our collective duff’s (this includes myself being lazy not posting to this blog) and fight for our constitutional republic before those that oppose it’s existence win. Scoff if you want but ask yourself this simple question: “Do we have more freedom today compared to what we had as a child or just ten or twenty years ago?”  I am willing to bet only those that chug massive amounts of “koolaid” or brain damage would answer that we have … [Keep on reading]

Are you engaged?

So we have about 14 months until the 2012 national election and are you engaged? If not, why the F not? I am amazed at the amount of people that still do not vote. Really?! are you kidding me? You don’t vote because….umm… what is it again?

The presidents of this country have been elected by less than 25% of the eligible population yet 95% complain every day. No shit?! So less than half the country that is able to vote decides to exercise that right yet almost everyone has … [Keep on reading]

WTF is up with Life

For those that have been following and upset because it has been a while since I have posted a new blog I offer my apology.  Life as they say has decided to get in the way.

That said WTF is up with our country these days? Really? Have we boiled it down to being the nanny state world we all dread? Every where we look it is a whine on this or a whine on that and no one wants to deal with the reality. Why? Simply they are happy … [Keep on reading]